Firefox 1.5 Upgrade – Watch out!

I have a great respect for Mozilla applications after having successfully making our company’s product “Firefox compliant“. Our experience revealed that, IE is very leniant and hence does not scream if we write non standard html/javascript codes. However, all we had to ensure is to make the codes standard compliant, then it automatically worked both in Firefox as well as IE.

With the same confidence, I upgraded my Firefox to the latest and great v1.5. Guess what, lots of application’s functions started to misbehave. One main issue is that we often get “Script is taking long time to complete and is not responding. Do you want to stop or continue the script?

After lots of trial and error, I tried a hack which worked for me…

Basically, in the script function, I am setting the window.status to some value with the assumption that the browser should not scream as long as there is some update happening in the screen. Guess what? this hack worked!!!

Well, the happiness was very shortlived when I found that there is an option in Firefox called “change the status bar text” under “Advanced Javascript settings” and to add to my depression, the option is by default UNCHECKED.

Therefore, though I have a hack, the user has to change this setting for my application to work fine in Firefox 1.5.

Hope someone finds a permanent solution to this issue, or is it a Firefox issue, that one day Firefox will fix it!

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