Compiling Ruby on IBM AIX

Continuing my adventure on IBM AIX v5.3 ML2 with Core Dumps, this time it was Ruby!!! My simple Ruby program would give a core dump when I tried to include ‘drb’ module in my ruby script. I was running Ruby v1.8.2.

I got some clues from some news groups that there was some problem in Ruby on AIX in the sockets area and its something to do with IPV6. I was told that if I compile Ruby by disabling ipv6, I should be ok!

Guess what! I ventured into my first experience of compiling Ruby from the Source. And wow! my problem went away and no Core Dumps 🙂

I thought I should put down the steps I went thru in compiling Ruby on AIX.
1. Download latest Ruby Source from The latest version at this point is v1.8.4.
2. Unzip the source tar file into a specific directory.
3. Invoke configure with a parameter –disable-ipv6
4. Invoke make ruby.imp
5. Invoke make
6. Invoke make install

That’s it! You have done it!

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