JRuby and Rails-Integration

I must acknowledge that am one of the fortunate folks to have got bitten by the Ruby bug lately…and we have been developing applications with Ruby on Rails in our organization. Though we are excited about Ruby and Ruby On Rails, we always had that concern as to how do we convince the IT Team in the Banks(this is where our applications are deployed) to deploy Ruby application in Production.

We were quite excited about the JRuby momentum and were following the progress in the Rails-Integration Project recently. Now, we certainly have an opportunity to develop in Rails and deploy in the well established J2EE platform. Kudos to JRuby team and the Rails-Integration team to make this a reality 🙂

Last week, we took our Rails application and played around with Rails-Integration to create a .war archive of our app and deployed successfully in Jetty with some minor hiccups, which I would further describe in my future posts.

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