Bye bye Blogger, Welcome WordPress

Thanks to V1 for this inspirational post.

After a very long time I am hoping to get back to blogging…

Somehow when I looked at my blogger site, it was looking quite dull and was very demoralizing.  I was using Google’s Blogger service.

Somehow, I always wanted to switch to WordPress.  Couple of options I had considered…

  1. Setup a local WordPress Site in my home and hook it up on the Internet.
  2. Setup a WordPress Site in AWS.  This means I will have to ensure I take care of things like backup etc.
  3. Setup a Bitnami Cloudhosting service.
  4. Or simply host it on, and go for an upgrade to make my to point to my WordPress Blog

Yes, finally option #4 is what I chose!

I had to export my blogs and comments from Blogger to WordPress.  Based on some googling, I thought I will have to do some work to setup proper redirections between blogger and wordpress to ensure the permalinks are indeed “permanent” and any google search result to my old blog link should take the user to my blog in the new WordPress location, but looks like its taken care of automatically (still trying to figure out how!)

And now it’s all kind of setup and the fact that you are able to read this blog says that all is well 🙂

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