Our First iPhone App

After being an user of iPhone for past one year, we got inspired to write an app for iPhone 🙂

We were thinking if we should write a simple Game or Puzzle Application, and then came this idea of publishing a Panchangam data for 2010. Venkat came up with the data for all the days for year 2010 and we put together an application called “Panchangam Lite 2010”. The reason for this “Lite” is the fact that this Panchangam provides data (timings) specific to Bangalore. We have plans to make a Panchangam Pro (?!) which allows you to choose the city and lookup the panchangam data…and even further, automatically figure out the location of the iPhone using the “Location service” of iPhone.

And guess what, within 5 days of our launch of this app, we have found more than 300 downloads of this application. We are all the more motivated to come out with more such useful apps in the near future 🙂

Want to check out countries from where our app was downloaded till date…go to Venkat’s blog post here