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Getting MINA 2.0 to work peacefully in Glassfish

This weekend, I had some good opportunities to work on some cool things, one of which is build a Socket Server using Apache Mina 2.0(Release Candidate Version)…Apparently, my project requires running two Socket Servers inside Glassfish v2, one to receive … Continue reading

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Glassfish Clustering – NullPointerException while creating JMS RA

Didn’t I tell you that we had an exciting experience enabling cluster support for our applications using Glassfish. Even though the entire setup worked fine in our local environment, life was not the same when trying to deploy our application … Continue reading

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Glassfish v2.1.1 Cluster Session Replication inconsistent behavior

Everytime I take up a task on adding Cluster Support to my j2ee application, the whole experience gets quite exciting with new kinds of challenges 🙂 In the past, it was with Weblogic, Websphere etc…and this time it was Glassfish … Continue reading

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