Ubuntu 10.10 Upgrade – Logs out instead of Shutdown

I am like most of the Ubuntu favorites…awaiting for half-yearly upgrades from Canonical and making sure all my systems are up-to-date.

However my happiness was short lived after upgrading to Maverick(Ubuntu 10.10). Whenever I tried to shutdown or restart using the button in the bottom right corner, all that happens is a log out and back to login screen!!! However, when I call shutdown from terminal or from login screen, it behaves as expected!

Tried all sorts of suggestions after googling for over 3 months now…and YES! I managed to find a solution for my problem TODAY…feeling so relieved… When I executed “ck-list-sessions” in terminal, it showed 2 active sessions, one is mine and the other one is “hsqldb-server”.

I wondered why is HQLDB Server creating a session??? And even if so, why should that prevent the shutdown from happening…that too only when I click the shutdown button.

No idea. So what did I do….obviously, in my case, I did not require “hsqldb server”, so I simply uninstalled the same…and viola! my problem vanished! Hope this will help someone who also is going thru what I did in the last 3 months or so 🙂