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Compiling Ruby on IBM AIX

Continuing my adventure on IBM AIX v5.3 ML2 with Core Dumps, this time it was Ruby!!! My simple Ruby program would give a core dump when I tried to include ‘drb’ module in my ruby script. I was running Ruby … Continue reading

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Core Dump running Weblogic on IBM AIX? – Dont Panic!!!

I must say, I am quite fortunate to have got some good opportunity to try and run our j2ee application on IBM AIX OS. I deployed the application and started the application. All went well until I hit upon the … Continue reading

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Yet another SSL Sniffing Tool

Sometime back I had blogged about ClearWatch which is a very handy SSL sniffing tool. Here, you require the Private Key of the Server for decrypting the HTTPS packets. However often, I end up in situations having to sniff the … Continue reading

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